Brand, web design, print design, copy

Zcash Company — the creators and stewards of the Zcash currency — spoke well to technical, scientific and academic audiences, and the currency was getting buy-in from the innovator crowd. But to grow, its message needed to resonate with a larger group of people, including early adopters, press, partners and talented potential employees.

It needed a more accessible brand and a better way to explain sometimes-complex topics, like the benefits of digital privacy and security. And zK-SNARKs. 

Zcash Company was also looking upgrade to a better online user experience — a site that shepherds users to appropriate content, based on their interests, level of industry knowledge and what they are looking to achieve (or learn) on the site.

We started with a refresh of the Zcash visual brand and a new set of messaging. We designed and built a new Zcash website, and then signed on as the Zcash agency of record shortly after.