Work: K2 brand

This work was all done pre-Adjy, when Chris was the creative director at K2, but it's worth having here, because it showcases some capabilities. (K2 is now/currently an Adjy client.) To see more of this kind of work, go here.

This is the rundown: 

"Like every brand, the K2 brand evolved over time, but we always remained true to our purpose: We power the people who build great companies.
Authenticity, power, aspiration and innovation were guiding principals that allowed us to create and maintain an emotional connection with our audience. 
We avoided stock footage and imagery, relying instead on commissioned photography and video of our customers and their environments whenever possible.
The spirit and voice were unusual in the enterprise technology space, and the approach was often welcomed as a breath of fresh air (internally, externally and with the media) in an industry that is often stale and predictable."
Chris Tomeo