Chris Tomeo

Adjy founder, creative director

Chris started Adjy because he couldn’t cut it as a musician. He found he was pretty good at grammar, though, so started work as a writer, editor and communications …

Chris started his professional career in the Midwest at age 14. He was a house painter then and ate gas-station hot dogs for breakfast. He explored many career paths after that — pool boy, cashier at the Gap, journalist, copywriter, creative director, others — before leaving the freelance world to start Adjy.

Chris runs Adjy and helps lead design and marketing projects. He believes in the virtues of simplicity and authenticity.

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Richard Renno

Art director

After spending years tinkering with wood-working, websites, film, photography, writing (poorly) and slinging drinks, Richard finally figured out that all (ahem) — most of these together can form something called “design”.

Richard has worked for large and small agencies (and brands) and is most comfortable being slightly uncomfortable.

Richard also likes to eat his Arby’s INSIDE the Arby’s restaurant. He doesn’t like to go through the why-does-this-take-so-long-through or take it home.

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Liz Mellem


Since 2010, Liz has been helping brands, services and products come to life using evergreen content, persuasive copy and data-based optimizations. Specialties include: copywriting, content writing, editing, funnel creation and strategy consultation.

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