Companies will get better outcomes using carefully selected, temporary teams.

The employees you have aren't necessarily the employees you will need for every situation. We bring together the right people with the right set of skills to deliver timely work.

The income gap needs a correction.

CEOs are often paid a high salary with significant equity, and passive investors reap large rewards for risking their money. Meanwhile the worker's time is being valued less and less, and a growing army of contingent workers (“freelancers”) are not earning enough. The Adjy platform will allow us to create and share in our collective success.

The robots are coming, the contingent labor force is growing and we will need a better long-term plan.

Companies are trying to do more with less as employee skill requirements change rapidly. Automation is elimintating jobs, and folks who are displaced may be looking for an alternative to the traditional model. In this new world, we’ll use artificial intelligence to help us match companies, people and opportunities.