This note originally appeared as an update on Facebook, but it seemed appropriate to preserve the information here, too.

Hi, friends.

We are touched and inspired by the response to our company launch last week. If you haven’t checked it out yet, come by Adjy.com and see what we’re all about. Spoiler: We’re all about on-demand marketing, design and technology.

There have been a few repeated questions, so here are some answers:

Yes! Its frequency won’t be oppressive — maybe once a month — and you can subscribe in the footer of any page on Adjy.com.

How do I sign up to work with Adjy?
Go to our standard Contact form, and tell us about yourself. It may be a good idea to follow our social channels, as well. From time to time, we’ll post project needs there.

Do you already have the platform built?
Not yet. We are just getting started — 6 days new at this point — and we are taking on work in a more traditional way right now. The approach is to prove the model as we build the technology (including artificial intelligence and a Blockchain foundation). You will be able to follow our progress here on the Adjy blog.

Is Adjy a staffing agency?
No. Staffing agencies serve a purpose, but we believe permanent and exclusive employment is a dinosaur model, and that it’s an inefficient way for companies and agencies to accomplish outcomes. We aren’t looking to place people in jobs or get them hired, we are looking to crush projects and initiatives with teams of independent experts.
It’s a model that allows freelancers and service providers to retain their independence, work on the kinds of projects they want, earn fair bill rates and benefits, and live an intensely satisfying professional life.

Can we contract with Josh and Chris directly to get some stuff done for us?
Yes, we are taking on work as freelancers within the system. We are currently engaged in a few projects, and our plan is to be billable for as long as we can deliver benefit. Hopefully that’s a long time.

You have important things to do today, and I’ve rambled long enough. Thank you again for your support.



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