Don’t Hire A Marketing Team

“The people you need at your side when you are just getting started are generally not the people you will need at your side when you have five hundred or a thousand employees.” — Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures

Every company goes through stages and shifts that directly impact resource needs. Even a slight change in direction, or the market, can demand different skill sets and a different number of people in different locations.

It is a scenario growing truer and truer by the day. Marketing — yes, marketing — is now the largest buyer of technology, and the rate at which tactics and the kind of people needed to execute them change seems to intensify by the month.

As a company, you need a conductor. Someone who knows the company and the strategy. Someone with fantastic management acumen who is all in. But why hire a huge team?

Instead, consider bringing in the specific talent you need at the point you need them. Let them work their magic (under the guidance of your conductor) then leave to work it for someone else.

Monogamy doesn’t work for business anymore.

By the way, check out Yo Yo Ma’s project and documentary if you haven’t seen it. Who “owns” this group? The outcome is stunning.

Love and peace,