Robots are stealing jobs, and we're going to help them.
Hold on, though. We think you'll be OKAY with this.

Today we launched Adjy to provide on-demand marketing, design and technology services. But that's just a line we use to communicate what we do. There is much more to our story, the robots and how we can deliver better outcomes by valuing and rewarding people.


The COLD, HARD TRUTH about employment.

Employment used to be safe(ish). We used to get a job and stay there for years. Some of us ascended the ranks, while others found a nice, comfy spot to do their thing week after week. We paid the bills, took some vacation and saved a little for retirement along the way.


For the majority of us, this is no longer reality.

If you are a company, you're in a tough spot. You hire folks, but you can't afford to keep them around when the needs of your business change. As your company grows or evolves, you may need different skills, but simply adding headcount isn't really an option if you want to stay competitive.

And many things people do, quite frankly, should be automated. Many jobs can be done, and done better, using bits on a hard drive. Butts in seats come at great expense, drama and, well, messy humanity.

So you let the loyal employee go. You aren't evil. It's not that you don't value them; it's about survival. Or, honestly, profit.

Today, many companies and many people are looking to contingent labor — the freelancer, independent contractor or consultant — that can be brought in to accomplish a specific thing.

Some companies use recruiters, but we all know that the recruiting industry is inefficient, too expensive and delivers questionable results. Other companies hire agencies that promise great experience, but in reality, they only dedicate the staff they have on the bench when your project hits.


Adjy is in this business to Deliver outcomes and elevate people.

We believe it's a worthy challenge.

For the company: Get the outcome you need by tapping into a global ecosystem of talent —bringing together the perfect team and resources to get the results you want.

For the person who is freelancing, moonlighting, contracting, consulting or running a small agency: Do the work you want, the way you want; get paid; and pick the people you want to work with. Oh, and share in Adjy's profits, forever.

How can we do this?

We are using a combination of unique know-how, insights from years in the game, and emerging technology (including robots).

We'll share more over time, but for now, we're here to help you get some work done.

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We can't wait to connect.

Love and peace,