The Mission

Deliver great outcomes for companies and agencies that need the help.
Give freelancers and service providers a better way to earn, contribute and take ownership.

The Problem

Companies can’t staff up for every situation, so they outsource for one-time needs or projects that require specialized talent. It’s a smart move, but dealing with recruiters and traditional agencies is expensive, and the process can be protracted.

Meanwhile, over a third of today’s workforce is made up of freelancers or contractors working at small, specialized service providers; and this number is expected to grow. These workers want to remain independent and focused, but finding good gigs can be a struggle, and they don’t usually have the opportunity to earn benefits, like healthcare coverage or bonuses.


Adjy uses modern technology to match talent and bring together teams that will deliver the work companies need.

We pay fair rates and empower Adjy team members with the opportunity to earn rewards — and ownership — for every hour contributed.


Companies and agencies get access to expert, fast-moving resources to help with a wide range of projects — all within a supremely flexible, cost-efficient model. And they don’t have to carry the burden of employee overhead.

Freelancers and service providers get to work on the kinds of projects they love within a kind of profit-sharing model. They get to maintain the independence they cherish and earn a proper bill rate that matches their expertise.


Ultimately, much of this will get automated, and teams will be self-organized with the help of artificial intelligence including natural language processing and machine learning.

When a request comes in through the Adjy engine, the platform will help identify the right players, including the project owner, the team will be formed and smart contracts (including escrow rules, payment terms and IP transfer) will be generated on an Ethereum-based blockchain.

The platform will distribute a share of profits to participating freelancers and service providers in the form of tokens, then members would receive periodic distributions based on Adjy's profits and each member's share of tokens.

Over time, we plan to move the corporate structure toward scalable distributed decision making by token holders - similar to a DAO (distributed autonomous organization). 


We have the data, we have the network and we have the plan. The platform is in development, as are the specifics of the benefits. Stay tuned to our blog for updates on all of this.

In the meantime, we are taking on work and delivering through more traditional means, using simple and affordable pricing and leveraging our partnerships, freelancer network and access to data. The network is massive, with the talent to deliver almost anything.


We can do standard hourly rates based on the project and the people needed to deliver. We also offer fixed-price, outcome-based options. Escrow and subscription models are available in exchange for reduced fees.